Student Led Conference

My highlight at my student led conference was sharing my tiki art and my mihi art because it took a long time to finish.
 I am most proud of sharing my statistics poster because I got to share my graphs and what people think.
 I think my parents enjoyed my my monster soup because it had weird ingredients and it was funny.
Next time I would like to be more confident with my talking.


My learning goal this term is order and sequence the ideas in a text and understand correct grammatical features in a text.
I can do this by reading slower so I can understand the book properly.
This photo shows my learning:

Procedural Writing

WALHT write a procedure.
Something I learned about writing a procedure is that you need to number the steps in order for it to make sense.
Something I would like to do better is using adverbs more.
Here is my writing:

Jelly Pops
Goal: how to make jelly pops

Requirements: packet of jelly crystals, fruit sticks, measuring cup, whisk, jug, party cups, water.


1.Set up cups.

2.Make jelly - put jelly in 1 cup of boiling water. WARNING boiling water!

3.Wait 1 minute then add half a cup of cold water and stir.

4.Once stirred pour the jelly (before it sets) in the party cups.

5.Then add fruit sticks so a bit is sticking upward.

6.Freeze for 2 hours.



This week we have been learning to dance.
The dances we are learning to do are Salsa and hip hop.
I am enjoying salsa the most because its hard and I like a challenge.


WALHT Interpret data and record our findings.

Something I learned was that you need to get data before making a graph.
Here is a photo of my learning:

My next step is to know how to use a key properly.


WALHT  add a twist to our writing.

Here is my poem:

I didn’t BUT I did

I didn’t jump over the moon
I didn’t go to Africa
I didn’t become a cow
BUT I did go to Wellington

I didn’t see a shooting star
I didn’t see a talking cow
I didn’t see a skateboard snap in half
BUT I did see a fish jump out of the water

I didn’t eat an ant
I didn’t eat a pink pie
I didn’t eat a piece of metal
BUT I did eat feijoa ice cream

By Luke

Next time I would like to add more action to my writing to make it better.

Punchy Poetry

I have been learning to create an example of similes.
This is my example:
Guns are as black and grey as night.
Next time I would like to include a simile in a poem.

Taiao Program

I have been learning to be safe in the kitchen.
We made yummy apple crumble.
I learned how to be safe with knifes and other tools in the kitchen.
A question I have is how can you tell how sharp a knife is if it does not look sharp?

Learning to Send a Photo

I am learning to add a photo to my blog from my Google Drive.